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One of the purposes of art is to make us feel. It may be a sense of wonder, excitement, or melancholy. Art can evoke specific moods in us, and it is this particular aspect of it that makes it so desirable as an addition to an interior. Whether it is used as a centrepiece of a living room that draws the eye to it as a form of artistic statement, or is just there in the background, acting as a sort of accent that reinforces the ambience of the area, art can play a pivotal role in any interior’s arrangement.

However, art also tends to be expensive. Even works of new, unknown artists can cost thousands as they’re auctioned off and if you want a piece by one of the classics, the prices get astronomical. However, there is a way to enrich your interior with the work of classics at a low cost. This can be achieved through reproductions of various kinds – and one of the most popular kinds nowadays are Fine Art Prints.

What are Fine Art Prints?

As a term, Fine Art Print defines a reproduction of a painting that’s of extremely high quality. Various printing methods may be used in order to produce such a piece. The methods implemented will have an impact on the overall look of the piece, but each of them guarantees great accuracy, image sharpness, and a near-flawless representation of the original work.

Inkjet printer for fine art prints

Digital files containing high-resolution images of the original work are used as a basis for the prints. We use various formats for all the files, as they depend on the device they’ve been produced by. The image is grafted onto the paper using high-end printing machines that contain 10-colour ink-sets, allowing for an incredibly rich colour palette that’s always completely faithful to the original. Such ink-set delivers 98% of Pantone-certified colours to create superior-quality, highly-accurate results with bright, vivid colours. To compare, a standard printer utilises only four colourants on average.

While we do our best to guarantee the highest quality, it is important to know that the end result is largely dependent on the file’s resolution, as well as the size of the paper it is to be printed on. For this reason, if you’re looking for a very large print, your options may be slightly more limited, though we do our best to ensure that we have adequate resolutions available for all paintings. The key thing to remember is that the quality of the file is what determines the quality of the image on the print in the end.

At Artisso, you can find a wide range of paintings that will definitely boost your home’s appearance through fine art prints. Choose from a selection of well-known paintings by artists from various artistic movements. For an incredibly attractive price, you’ll get a reproduction on your hands that’s indistinguishable from the original. Choose your painting and the size and we’ll handle the rest for you.

Museum-quality fine art prints


For Fine Art Prints, the materials used are also quite important. While the printer itself and the ink are the tools we’ll use to bring your images to life, it’s the paper – your canvas – that really determines how your end product looks. Without the use of proper paper, the ink simply might not stick to it well enough or look off, so it is up to us to make sure that your reproduction is being created on the most appropriate type of paper.

Usually, for Fine Art Prints, the paper used is acid and lignin-free. In effect, the image is guaranteed to remain in its original colouration for many years, with greatly reduced risk of fading. The paper is also quite thick, all in order to better absorb the ink and make the print look as accurate to the original as possible, at all times. This is the secret to exceptional print quality.

Canaletto fine art print

Giclée Prints

One of the forms of Fine Art Prints available in our offer are Giclée Prints. The term comes from French and means “to squirt/spray”, which is quite an accurate description of the process involved. In it, pigment-based inks are combined and sprayed on high-quality, archival paper in microscopic dots. The result is an incredibly authentic looking print that is stable and durable. With Giclée Prints, you can get as close to owning original as is possible.

To achieve this look, we utilise the latest technologies, with very advanced printers that offer an incredibly wide range of colours and tones. Thanks to this wide array of colours, we can reproduce the colour of the original painting flawlessly. Combined with the specific paper used, this makes Giclée Prints one of the most high-quality options available on the market.

For the best results, at Artisso we use acid free 100% cotton rag paper. Thanks to the hot press manufacturing process the paper has a very smooth surface, its thickness is of archival quality (330 gsm) and its bright whiteness should last even 200 years without discolouration. The medium itself is one of the factors that makes gyclée prints so faithful to the original, as the porous structure goes incredibly well with the method implemented.

Fine art prints paint
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