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  • Art Nouveau Posters | Design

    Graphic design in Art Nouveau era has been lifted to levels once reserved to high art. As it turned out, works with practical function could be as creative and progressive as paintings, music or literature.

  • Scandinavian Interior with Japanese art print

    Japandi Prints | Design Match

    Japandi is the new trend in interior design. The mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles makes a way in for the ukiyo-e art prints.

  • Art prints for traditional interior

    Design match | Traditional interior

    Decorative furniture, heavy curtains made from metres of lush fabric, chinoiserie table setting, ornamental wallpapers – all that is our traditional style.

  • Art prints for Scandi interior

    Scandi interior |Design match

    Simple minimalist look, gentle contours, playful accent colours, and a balance of engineered and organic materials – that’s popular Scandinavian appeal.

  • Coastal interior

    Design match | Coastal interior

    In coastal interior palette of colours is obviously drawn from sand and shells as much as sea and sky with light and breezy touch. White is the hallmark colour but barely-there blue is a close runner-up as an iconic nautical colour, calling to mind the essence of ocean and sky. It would be easy to …

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