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Japanese art prints

Japanese woodblock prints constantly impress us with their beauty and unique style.

Their appeal is rooted in the richness of their imagery and the power of their innovative technique. In Japan the style of prints and paintings prevalent at the time of the Edo era (17th – 19th century), was called ukiyo-e which translates into “pictures of the floating world”. Artists like Hiroshige, Utamaro and Hokusai attempted to portray everyday subjects and activities, surrounding forces of nature and nature’s little wonders, also people they knew: beautiful courtesans, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers. Interesting fact is they were master painters, the other craftsmen carved woodblocks for them and executed prints on handmade paper. When Japanese art prints reached western world in mid-19th century, they became a sensation almost straight away, especially among Impressionist painters and their circle. There have been many trends inspired by the works of Japanese masters. Choose the true Japanese fine art prints with the Artisso and enjoy the enchanting view of the ukiyo-e world.

For us, Japanese woodblock print is an inspiration. It’s like a dream come to life to grace us with its beauty. Even though it has inspired many generations of painters and European culture as a whole, it’s still not as popular as it should be. That’s why we take our time to popularize those amazing works. Choose the Great Wave of Kanagawa print to feel the dynamic soul of the ocean, or opt for more tranquil beauty of the Blooming lotus flowers. If you prefer the black and white design, go for Egret in the rain, and if you’d rather invest in something colourful and fairy tale alike, choose Konami’s Bridal Journey. Regardless of your preferences, you can choose from many portraits, landscapes or still life woodblocks created with the best materials, like our thick paper used mostly by the professional photographers (330 gsm, hot pressed). Our Japanese woodblock prints for sale are made in the UK with care, using only the high-end techniques that allow us to include every, even the smallest detail, into our work. Those framed fine art prints are a perfect way to make your home or office the place, where the true artists are admired and never forgotten. Artisso’s fine art prints can be sized up and down accordingly to your liking, and also framed with hand waxed or stained European oak wood and secured with durable glazing made out of acrylic with anti-reflective coating.

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