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Modern Art Prints and Framed Wall Art

Explore our range of modern wall art from the Romantic and Impressionist precursors, through Art Nouveau rebels, to the early 20th century greatest art figures: post-impressionists, expressionists, cubists, forerunners of abstract painting. Our modern design frames interact perfectly with art prints from that cultural era.

Origins of modern art reach the mid-19th century or even further back, Romanticism era. Basically, the beginnings of modernism have vague boundaries. First modernist painter? Some say, Edouard Manet. Although, others claim the very first was Joseph Mallord William Turner, the greatest British painter ever.
Modernism is all about forward-thinking departure from tradition and established order. Artists who were breaking conventional rules of art, experimenting, finding new ways of expression all deserve the name. So, both Turner and Manet do. As well as Monet, Klimt, Gauguin, Schiele, Kandinsky and a lot more in our collection of art prints from the modern era.
Turning towards abstraction has been a huge milestone for modern culture. But artists also engaged in new techniques, like plain air painting (Monet and other Impressionists), pastels (Edgar Degas), printmaking experiments (Marry Cassatt), collage (dadaists), etc.
That constant search for innovation has given birth to endless new movements in art, philosophy, even politics. Change and progress on all fields of creative activity became general principles. Hence, modernism has been experiencing revolution after revolution as artists were continually trying to extend the frontiers of art.
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