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Rembrandt art prints

Selection of fine art prints and framed art by Rembrandt.

Born in 1606 in Leiden, he died in Amsterdam in 1669. Rembrandt was a genius painter, excellent draughtsman, cartoonist, caricaturist and prolific printmaker, a most recognisable representative of the Dutch Golden Age of painting. He had drawn a lot of inspiration from the Bible and mythology, but also painted unprecedented at that time landscapes and a huge amount of portraits, including many self-portraits. In them Rembrandt has always tried to uncover deep personhood of his sitters; that’s why he’s often called a painter of the soul. He mastered the chiaroscuro technique to perfection and was using it mostly to deepen drama and the mood of his compositions. His paintings are easy to spot among other artists – they’re dark, the shadows are exposed and the most important elements are lightened with the touch of light. Success in artistic profession did not follow him in his personal life. He experienced the death of three children and his beloved wife, as well as became bankrupt. All of these left its mark on his work.

The depth of colour, chiaroscuro effects, a hint of mystery, psychological analysis of portrayed characters make Rembrandt considered to be the most outstanding representative of Dutch Golden Age, as well as one of the most outstanding European and world artists. His favourite themes were religious, mythological and historical scenes as well as portraits. His self-portraits are particularly famous - he painted them with great passion throughout his life, reflecting the painter's life history and the development of his style. The most famous masterpieces by Rembrandt are: The Night Watch, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolas Tulp, Return of the Prodigal Son, Execution of Riflemen and Girl in a Hat. If you’re a fan of those deeply touching artworks of Rembrandt, you cannot walk by Artisso’s fine art prints of his works. Made with a thick and durable paper, excellent hardwood oak frames and durable acrylic glass, they’re perfect for any space you choose.

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