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Egon Schiele art prints

Egon Schiele - (1890-1918), Austrian artist and a major figurative painter of the early 20th century. Artistic movements: Expressionism, Viennese Secession, Art Nouveau.

Schiele was born in 1890 in a small town Tulln on the Danube, in the family of Austrian National Railway official and mother of Czech descent.

In 1906 Egon enrolled in the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts. Soon he met his mentor, patron and the highest artistic authority - Gustav Klimt. He was then a highly respected painter who opened before Schiele the doors to Viennese elite.

Egon eagerly joined the Secession movement. He got involved in Art Nouveau exhibitions and stayed under Klimt’s influence until his death in 1918. Amongst the other sources of inspiration worth mentioning were Oskar Kokoschka, Edvard Munch, Jan Toorop and Vincent van Gogh. Nevertheless, Schiele has developed his own style of raw and expressive painting focused on the idea of sexual openness, honesty and artistic provocation.

In 1914 Schiele met Edith and Adele Harms. For some time he had affair with both sisters and then married more socially acceptable Edith. Four years later Schiele has been struck by personal tragedy. His six-month pregnant wife died of Spanish flu. Egon passed away of the same disease three days later, at the age of 28.

Egon Schiele prints in our collection include probably his most recognisable masterpiece - Seated Woman with Bent Knees, 1917. This drawing perfectly corresponds with Artisso’s natural, beautifully crafted oak frame. Its minimal and modern design fits the raw style of Schiele’s work.

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