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Claude Monet art prints and framed wall art

French painter, 1840 - 1926. Artistic movement: Impressionism.

The most recognisable painter of Impressionism. Even the name of the new artistic style was inspired by one of Monet's paintings - Impression, Sunrise (1874). He implemented the rule of painting outdoors and made the lighting effects a focal point of his art.

Monet has realised that light is an actual source of colours. For that reason, he was obsessively working on the same scenery over and over again to capture one subject in different conditions, seasons and times of the day.

Are you wondering if our prints are worth their price? After selecting the most heart-touching paintings, we bring them to life by using the high-end technique of quality giclée printing.

The thick paper we use is employed by famous photographers for their exhibitions. Both frame and glazing are durable, look natural and bring out the beauty of the painting.

That’s why our Claude Monet fine art prints are so unique. His masterpieces were crucial to the birth of modern art and changed the perception of . For us, it’s crucial to bring you the best quality of Claude Monet prints.

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