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  • Birth of Venus, c. 1495, detail

    The Birth of Venus | Botticelli

    Sandro Botticelli was one of the first Renaissance painters who brought back to art both classical mythology and the nude.

  • What is Abstract Art - Kandinsky

    What is Abstract Art?

    Abstract art in its early days drew inspiration from music and geometry adding spirituality to the mix. Eventually, artists created an explosive combination that shaken the foundations of modern art.

  • Living room wall art ideas

    Living Room Wall Art | Rooms

    When choosing wall art pictures for the living room, we should consider not only the style or theme of the art prints but also colour.

  • Bedroom art prints ideas

    Bedroom Art Prints Ideas | Rooms

    In a bedroom, we spent most of the time at night. Hence nocturnal wall art is a natural choice. But it is also the most intimate space in the house. Design imagination could go wild…

  • Kitchen wall art ideas for your interior

    Kitchen Wall Art Ideas | Rooms

    Kitchen wall art should be well-thought-out and tailored to the interior’s character. Pictures for kitchen in traditional and modern style.

  • Art Nouveau Posters | Design

    Graphic design in Art Nouveau era has been lifted to levels once reserved to high art. As it turned out, works with practical function could be as creative and progressive as paintings, music or literature.

  • Top 100 famous artworks

    Top 100 | Famous Artworks

    Hundred famous painters. One artwork each. Our top 100 list does not contain what other lists do. No Mona Lisa. No Sunflowers. Not a second choice, though. More like an alternative. It’s good to have one.

  • Art in Film | The Alienist

    Netflix series The Alienist reveals in its new season hidden obsession with Edgar Degas.

  • Egon Schiele poster in Jessica Jones series

    Art in Film | Jessica Jones

    Egon Schiele and his work were alien to the prudish reality of his times. It is good to know they’ve found a place in futuristic fiction.

  • Art in Film | Snowpiercer

    Another post-apocalyptic television drama series with yet another masterpieces on board.

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